Tile Cleaning

Tile floors in any bathroom or kitchen, whether they are made of ceramic or stone, need help in creating an image of sleek cleanliness. If you are tired of having to keep up with your tile cleaning and stain removal, call D.R. Carpet Cleaning. We proudly offer the residents of DuBois, PA professional, quality tile cleaning and maintenance.

We also offer commercial tile cleaning to restore the look of your business or commercial property. We use eco-friendly products to keep your surfaces free of harsh chemicals. Different flooring surfaces require a specific type of tile cleaning process. Using the wrong method and formula for your specific flooring material can ruin the floor. A floor with a surface finish is very shiny and glossy, and is protected by the coating on top of the surface. Therefore, it is very useful to keep your floor neat and clean with the right materials. We also offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, that way your furniture is as clean as your floors.

If you’re ready to have a clean carpet, rug, or tile surfaces in your home, give us a call at D.R. Carpet Cleaning in DuBois, PA.